2019 NCW Illustrated Poem Contest

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Aspiring scientist from grades K-12 can submit an illustrated poem using the NCW theme, "Marvelous Metals," for consideration to the Central Arkansas ACS Section.

Winners of the Central Arkansas Local Section’s Illustrated Poem Contest will advance to the National Illustrated Poem Contest for a chance to be featured on the ACS website and to win prizes!

Submissions are due to the Local Section by Friday, Oct. 25th at 5:00 PM and can be submitted online via a Google Form at https://forms.gle/ey7n1cH247ck9c4D7 or mailed to Dr. Sara Hubbard at 410 Ouachita Street, OBU Box 3664, Arkadelphia, AR 71998.

Poems should be no more than 40 words and in the following styles to be considered:


Entries will be judged based upon relevance to and incorporation of the NCW theme, word choice and imagery, colorful artwork, adherence to poem style, originality and creativity, and overall presentation. •All entries must be original works without aid from others. Poems may be submitted by hand on an unlined sheet of paper not larger than 11” by 14” or scanned and sent via email. Illustrations may be created using crayons, watercolors, other types of paint, colored pencils, or markers. The illustration may also be electronically created by using a digital painting and drawing app on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Only one entry per student will be accepted; all entries must include an entry form. If the illustration is created using a digital painting or drawing app, the name of the program must be included on the entry form.

For more entry rules, visit our event page.

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